With the zeitgeist among Friends of Friends

For Diageo, Barracuda BarCatering designed the drink concept for an evening with “Friends of Friends” – a publication that presents the people of our time from around the world. The drinks could not be better suited: “Zeitgeist Gimlet”, “Jet Lag Sour” and “Metro Mule” were available for around 130 guests at the mobile bar Blackstar-On mobile bar.

Christmas party with Berlin Hyp

Christmas parties are the office parties which are most often raved about and talked about for a long time. Especially when the Barracuda Bar Catering bartenders provide tasty Mojitos, Pimm’s Cups or Gin Tonics, and cocktail catering which perfectly fits the event.

Premiere of the new Porsche Panamera

At the Mobile Bar Blackstar-On, around 400 guests celebrated the presentation of the new Porsche Panamera with Barracuda Bar Catering. The bartender invited guests to enjoy the celebration with classic drinks and cocktails. Cheers and thanks for your order!

Barracuda Bar Catering at the NetApp Insight 2016

The NetApp Insight was held for the third time from the 14th – 17th of November 2016 at Berlin CityCube. Barracuda Bar Catering mixed drinks including Whisky Sour and Martini at several mobile bars. Several trained baristas attended to provide fresh coffee and latte art. The professional Barracuda bartenders also provided a workshop at the event.

Our Barracuda bartenders at the GQ Awards

With six bartenders and several mobile bars, branded with either the logo of Moët & Chandon or Dom Pérignon, Barracuda Bar Catering accompanied the prestigious GQ Awards at the Komische Oper Berlin. 900 guests celebrated the Men of the Year 2016 event here with fine champagne.

The Barracuda bartender mixes drinks for Friends of Friends

At the event location “Friends Space Berlin”, friends of friends have a home. And when your friends arrive, there will be no lack of great drinks, of course. This was ensured at a dinner event of the popular publication “Friends of Friends”, by the bartender from Barracuda Bar Catering: At the mobile bar Blackstar-On, bartender Marcus mixed creative Diageo drinks.

The future: Barracuda and German Rail

At a trade fair in Berlin Estrel Hotel, the bartender from Barracuda Bar Catering whipped up fitting drinks for German Rail, with the motto “Mobility of the Future”: At the Smoothiebar, the 300 guests could choose between a fruity “Green Energizer”, a fresh “Yellow Passion” or a delicious “Freshly Balanced” drink. Cheers and ahoy!

Barracuda presents Canadian Gin at Bar Convent

Ungava is not only the name of a region in Canada, but also of a popular gin from that region. At Bar Convent 2016, the Barracuda Barcatering bar staff presented this Canadian drink in a variety of combinations and gave visitors to the event a taste for genuine Canadian gin.

Thank you, and until 2017.

Watching the clock

At the “GQ Time Awards 2016” everyone really was watching the clock: in the “Gebrüder Fritz” function room in Berlin on 4 October 2016, the best men’s watches of the year were chosen. Guests and winners could raise a toast with timeless, stylish drinks from the Barracuda bar.

More than just champagne

Pommery champagne can be so much more. This was demonstrated by the Barracuda Barcatering staff at Bar Convent 2016, with examples including the Cocktail Rouge – an exquisite mixture of Pommery Brut Royal Champagne, Camus Cognac, Lillet Rouge, raspberry syrup and red berries.

Gin, vodka, vermouth or rum?

The Water Company has held an international reputation for fine spirits since 2007. At Bar Convent 2016 in the Berlin Station, the Barracuda team unveiled the variety of tastes from drinks manufacturers from Domingo Vermouth to Pitman Gin to Ledger’s Tonic.

Thomas Henry with Barracuda at Bar Convent 2016

The Thomas Henry stand in Hall 7 was a real crowd puller at Bar Convent 2016: over a period of two days on a space of just over 42 square metres, the Barracuda team presented the variety of products and mixture options offered by the Thomas Henry range. It is obvious that soft drinks are essential at any bar. Cheers and thanks for the order.