Tee off with Barracuda Barcatering on the Wannsee

Orange spumante, limes, citrus juice – Barracuda Barcatering’s bartenders definitely know how to serve the summer in a glass. Or so transpired at the golf club Wannsee in Berlin. The relaxed atmosphere at the mobile Whitestar-On bar carried the approximately 600 guests through a perfect summer evening.

Party and drinks with Shan Rahimkhan

He is a star without equal in the hairdressing universe and one of Berlin’s most famous hairdressers. Also, he throws legendary parties. To that end, the star hairdresser relies on Barracuda Barcatering’s professionals so that everything runs flawlessly, and guests enjoy perfectly styled drinks. Cheers and thanks for the business.

Freunde von Freunden in Kreuzberg

Barracuda Barcatering was welcomed as a permanent partner for a soft-opening event at “Freunde von Freunden” in Berlin. With creative drinks and cocktails for around 200 guests, matched to food and location, the concept for the event was simply perfect.

Opening of Jo Malone London in Berlin

The famous London perfume brand, Jo Malone by Estée Lauder, has been available in Berlin since June 2017. For the exclusive opening, Barracuda Barcatering’s professional bartenders created special drinks to match the “flying food”, whilst their dark suit and bow tie lent the event a special flair.

Great service among the classics

Events held in the Berlin Classic Remise call for world-class service: as expected, the four bartenders from Barracuda Barcatering produced memorable drinks and cocktails at the Around-On and Light-On mobile bars, surrounded by historic, classical beauties.

BVLGARI store opening in Frankfurt

It was a special occasion for the service staff, barkeepers, logisticians and cooks of Barracuda Barcatering to travel to Frankfurt am Main. On June 1, 2017, the luxury brand BVLGARI opened a new store with 120 invited guests. Barracuda was on site to provide an equally premium service with drinks and food catering.

Thomas Henry drinks for shopping

Shopping is even more enjoyable while carrying a Thomas Henry drink in your hand – let alone when Barracuda Barcatering’s mobile bar service with the Barbike waits for you at the store. Needless to say, fashion bloggers in the Berlin Mavi store were blown away! Cheers and ahoy!

Barracuda Barcatering at the House of Thomas Henry

For two nights in May 2017, Thomas Henry revived the glittering age of the Golden Twenties: a time when the bar scene reinvented itself and produced legendary mixes. In the old Jandorf department store, Barracuda Barcatering skilfully concocted the classics of the time, whilst serving over 1,000 guests at the mobile bar.

Let’s raise our glasses to the gentlemen!

GQ Gentlemen’s Quarterly honoured the best men’s grooming products of the year on May 11, 2017. The most popular men’s fragrance, the best spa, the most well-groomed celebrities: at a gala dinner in “The Grand”, the selected few came together to toast with drinks and cocktails served by Barracuda Barcatering. Cheers to the gentlemen!

Barcatering at the German Film Awards 2017

On April 28, 2017, the Palais am Funkturm held the 67th German Film Awards ceremony. Barracuda bartenders served drinks at the most highly endowed cultural award in Germany. Around 2,300 guests, including prominent actors and filmmakers, enjoyed drinks and cocktails from Barracuda Barcatering.

Drinks for 800 Guest at Volksbühne Berlin

The Barracuda Barcatering team presented an event at the Berlin Volksbühne to showcase the variety of drinks that can be mixed with Diageo spirits: more than 800 guests came together at Berlin Fashion Week 2017 and tasted the bartender’s cocktails and long drinks at the Copper-On mobile bar in the foyer.

Belsazar cocktails in Berlin’s Volksbühne

At Berlin Fashion Week in January 2017, over 800 invited guests met in the Berlin Volksbühne for an exclusive after-show party. For the perfect barcatering for the event, Barracuda used the Wood-On and Tree-On mobile bars, which fit perfectly with the ambience. Behind the bar: three professional bartenders, who used Belsazar to mix creative drinks and cocktails

Mobile bar at KaDeWe

No-one ignored the Whitestar-On mobile bar at KaDeWe: Barracuda Barcatering’s bartenders created exquisite Hennessy drinks in the midst of Vogues Haute Couture show. At the exclusively branded bar, there was a difficult decision to make: Hennessy Ginger or Hennessy Apple? Why not choose both! Cheers and thanks for the order.

Barracuda mixes Christmas cocktails

For Pfizer’s Christmas party at Hyatt Berlin, Barracuda Bar Catering bartenders whipped up Christmas cocktails and thrilled the guests with creative blends such as “Smoked Creamy Lemon”, “Burnt Rum” and “Shindig”. Cheers and thanks for your order.