Bar service for VW at Berlin’s Kraftwerk

Three days, 1,700 guests, Open Bar – VW’s brand congress in Berlin’s Kraftwerk was a special event with particular requirements around bar catering. Rising up to the challenge, Barracuda Barcatering mastered drinks and service with 26 professional bartenders. Guests were regularly enthralled by the long and signature drinks served, not to mention the magic performed behind the bar. Cheers!

German Digital Award

Black gloves, white shirt, and a bow tie: Barracuda Barcatering welcomed over 500 guests from industry, politics and the media to Gin-Bar, with a professional beverage catering for the German Digital Award 2017 at Motorwerk Berlin. Three bartenders mixed classics like Gin Tonic with creative long drinks and cocktails. Cheers!

Red long drinks for the Teddy Award 2017

1,500 guests attended the Teddy Award 2017 at the Berliner Festspiele theatre to celebrate the awards at the world’s only gay and lesbian film festival. And: to cheer on the winners. At the Redstar-On bar, Barracuda Barcatering’s four bartenders mixed red long drinks – to match the event’s famous bear logo.

Barracuda Barcatering mixes drinks for 8,000 guests

In winter 2017 the PANORAMA Berlin fashion fair attracted numerous guests and experts. The approximately 8,000 visitors per day were served by Barracuda’s professional bar-catering: at Tom Tailor’s stand the bartenders mixed Gin Sul, and at Thomas Henry’s stand they mixed long drinks and cocktails.