Mercedes AMG Performance with Barracuda

On 3 December 2015, Mercedes-Benz celebrated the opening of its AMG Performance Centre at Berlin’s Salzufer with a stylish gathering, with Barracuda in charge of the drinks, of course. A two metre Blackstar On Bar was there with six Barracuda bartenders to become the real hotspot of the night. Cheers and thanks for the job!

Barracuda at Berlin’s Umspannwerk

If food, drinks and location need to be perfectly matched, then Barracuda is the right partner. At an event in Berlin’s Umspannwerk, three professional bartenders and a barista served some 300 guests and delivered a successful evening to our client.

Enjoying the wild and its flora with Barracuda

Wild tarragon, acai and aloe vera were skillfully combined by the Barracuda bartenders to create detox drinks on a Berlin houseboat. The drinks and the bar concept were perfectly matched to the location in “wild” Berlin on the Spree and the green and healthy ingredients for this event.

Summer drinks for the Sparkasse savings bank by Barracuda

At the summer festival of the Sparkasse the two-meter long Red-On bar on a greenfield site by the shore of Lake Wannsee immediately caught the eye: not only the bar but also the summery drinks and cocktails of Barracuda’s Stephan and Steve shone bright red!

Their “Apple & Ginger Mojito” and “Summer Cobbler” made the festival perfect.

Armani Open Doors, Berlin & Düsseldorf

Emporio Armani invited for an after-work event in Berlin and Dusseldorf. 300 guests enjoyed Veuve Clicquot champagne and were so tuned in to a relaxed and luxurious evening.

At the bar were Sven and Philip and mixed at the Barmodul “Black Star-On” creative and innovative Vodka Belvedere tea creations. A high-quality and relaxed evening for guests.

Cheers and ahoy.

Porsche Panamera premiere

250 guests were invited to the Porsche Panamera premiere in Berlin. Barracuda mixed creative and innovative drinks.

“Porsche Spiced Tea Cup”, “Panameras Flavors Field” and “Energy by Contrast” were the drinks of the evening – a perfect match for the presentation of the new Porsche Panamera. The drinks had a high recognition value in the brand.