Bar service for Freunde von Freunden

As a guest of Freunde von Freunden in the Glogauer Strasse, the two professional bartenders of Barracuda Barcatering provided Italian flair at an event in a cosy atmosphere, and served cocktails and long drinks the “Italian way”. Cheers!

Food and drinks for the gala dinner

Everything must be just right for an exclusive gala dinner: the service and the drinks, but also the matching of food and beverages. With the professional service staff and bartenders of Barracuda Barcatering, all details at this dinner in Munich were finely tuned: food and drink concept, cocktail recipes and service. Cheers!

Barracuda bar in the new Porsche Centre

On July 14, 2017, the new Porsche dealership in Berlin-Adlershof opened its doors together with Barracuda Barcatering. Four bartenders provided the approximately 350 guests with drinks and cocktails that were – at least – as wonderful as the luxury brand and the new Porsche centre themselves.

Tee off with Barracuda Barcatering on the Wannsee

Orange spumante, limes, citrus juice – Barracuda Barcatering’s bartenders definitely know how to serve the summer in a glass. Or so transpired at the golf club Wannsee in Berlin. The relaxed atmosphere at the mobile Whitestar-On bar carried the approximately 600 guests through a perfect summer evening.

Pure elegance: Versace and Barracuda Barcatering

Versace’s elegant and carefully selected clothes and accessories stole the show at Berlin’s Premium Fashion Fair. Needless to say, drinks had to be up to par with the fashion label i.e. sophisticated, “world class”, and extraordinary. With that in mind, Barracuda Barcatering designed a drink concept to thrill guests at the Blackstar-On mobile bar in Berlin’s Kraftwerk.

Party and drinks with Shan Rahimkhan

He is a star without equal in the hairdressing universe and one of Berlin’s most famous hairdressers. Also, he throws legendary parties. To that end, the star hairdresser relies on Barracuda Barcatering’s professionals so that everything runs flawlessly, and guests enjoy perfectly styled drinks. Cheers and thanks for the business.

The best service for the most beautiful day

Wedding parties tend to be the most beautiful celebrations. Everything must be perfect, but it is the service that ultimately makes the difference. Barracuda Barcatering provided an extraordinary surprise at a silver wedding on Gut Düneburg: Here, noble Veuve Clicquot Rosé was poured into glasses via a champagne pyramid as high as a person. A memorable moment for the couple and around 150 guests! Thank you for your business.

Bar service for VW at Berlin’s Kraftwerk

Three days, 1,700 guests, Open Bar – VW’s brand congress in Berlin’s Kraftwerk was a special event with particular requirements around bar catering. Rising up to the challenge, Barracuda Barcatering mastered drinks and service with 26 professional bartenders. Guests were regularly enthralled by the long and signature drinks served, not to mention the magic performed behind the bar. Cheers!

Viessmann’s corporate event with Barracuda bar on site

Viessmann stands for expertise in heating technology. Cool drinks and cocktails at a summer corporate event, however, demand another sort of expert: Barracuda Barcatering provided the approximately 200 guests with creative Thomas Henry drinks for two days – mixed by the professional bartenders at the Tree-On and Wood-On mobile bars.

Porta re-opening in Berlin-Mahlsdorf

The re-opening of the Porta furniture store in Berlin-Mahlsdorf should be celebrated properly – with a mobile bar, three professional bartenders, and the perfect drink concept from Barracuda Barcatering. Around 400 guests joined the opening with long and soft drinks.

Barracuda Barcatering in the Kunztschule

At a corporate event organised by Credit Suisse at Berlin’s Kunztschule venue, Barracuda’s professional bartenders performed extraordinary cocktail magic: blue foam, white-pink drinks, and perfect service at the bar. Cheers and thanks for the business.

Freunde von Freunden in Kreuzberg

Barracuda Barcatering was welcomed as a permanent partner for a soft-opening event at “Freunde von Freunden” in Berlin. With creative drinks and cocktails for around 200 guests, matched to food and location, the concept for the event was simply perfect.

Opening of Jo Malone London in Berlin

The famous London perfume brand, Jo Malone by Estée Lauder, has been available in Berlin since June 2017. For the exclusive opening, Barracuda Barcatering’s professional bartenders created special drinks to match the “flying food”, whilst their dark suit and bow tie lent the event a special flair.

Great service among the classics

Events held in the Berlin Classic Remise call for world-class service: as expected, the four bartenders from Barracuda Barcatering produced memorable drinks and cocktails at the Around-On and Light-On mobile bars, surrounded by historic, classical beauties.

BVLGARI store opening in Frankfurt

It was a special occasion for the service staff, barkeepers, logisticians and cooks of Barracuda Barcatering to travel to Frankfurt am Main. On June 1, 2017, the luxury brand BVLGARI opened a new store with 120 invited guests. Barracuda was on site to provide an equally premium service with drinks and food catering.

Thomas Henry drinks for shopping

Shopping is even more enjoyable while carrying a Thomas Henry drink in your hand – let alone when Barracuda Barcatering’s mobile bar service with the Barbike waits for you at the store. Needless to say, fashion bloggers in the Berlin Mavi store were blown away! Cheers and ahoy!