Entries by Jens Raasch

Barracuda Barcatering at the House of Thomas Henry

For two nights in May 2017, Thomas Henry revived the glittering age of the Golden Twenties: a time when the bar scene reinvented itself and produced legendary mixes. In the old Jandorf department store, Barracuda Barcatering skilfully concocted the classics of the time, whilst serving over 1,000 guests at the mobile bar.

Something to put on your must-do list: Hennessy in the KaDeWe

From 15 to 27 May 2017, Barracuda Barcatering’s barmaids and bartenders attracted around 200 visitors daily to Berlin’s KaDeWe with creative Hennessy drinks and cocktails. Of course, the elegant Hennessy logo on the Blackstar-On mobile bar was also an eye-catcher – not to mention the professional bar-keeping and the drinks served.

Let’s raise our glasses to the gentlemen!

GQ Gentlemen’s Quarterly honoured the best men’s grooming products of the year on May 11, 2017. The most popular men’s fragrance, the best spa, the most well-groomed celebrities: at a gala dinner in “The Grand”, the selected few came together to toast with drinks and cocktails served by Barracuda Barcatering. Cheers to the gentlemen!

Barcatering in black and yellow

Over 2,000 fans and guests attended the legendary DFB Cup Final on May 27, 2017, which was held in the Berlin Maifeld at the Olympic Stadium. Seven barkeepers from Barracuda Barcatering took care of the evening, serving drinks with the unmistakable colours of Borussia Dortmund, the finalist. And in the end, of course, Borussia celebrated […]

Summer, beach and a Barracuda bar

Sunny mood, sand under your feet, and a cool drink – Barracuda Barcatering created enough beach atmosphere to stage the film premiere of “Baywatch” on 30 May 2017. Our two bartenders at the Whitestar-On mobile bar worked their magic with Spanish Gin Mare, providing the right backdrop for the film event.

Barracuda Barcatering at the Bärensaal

The Bärensaal in Berlin’s Old Townhouse in Mitte is a beautiful, elegant, and venerable location. Thick, grey walls and dark wooden floors – Barracuda Barcatering accompanied an exclusive Camonsite event for 55 people, where bartenders deftly mixed fine drinks and cocktails at the Whitestar-On mobile bar.

German Digital Award

Black gloves, white shirt, and a bow tie: Barracuda Barcatering welcomed over 500 guests from industry, politics and the media to Gin-Bar, with a professional beverage catering for the German Digital Award 2017 at Motorwerk Berlin. Three bartenders mixed classics like Gin Tonic with creative long drinks and cocktails. Cheers!

German champagne – presented in creative fashion

At the Tree-On mobile bar, 200 invited guests in the Amano Hotel Berlin-Mitte literally thrived, as Barracuda Barcatering’s bartenders generously poured exquisite German champagne. The creative drink concept, the exclusive branded bar and the professional presentation impressed customers and guests alike.

Champagne, Art and Barracuda Barcatering

The Camera Work art gallery finds itself at home in the premises of the former Jewish Girls’ School. Barracuda Barcatering’s bartenders served delicious Ruinart champagne to present selected works, and took care of food catering for about 150 guests.

Barcatering at the German Film Awards 2017

On April 28, 2017, the Palais am Funkturm held the 67th German Film Awards ceremony. Barracuda bartenders served drinks at the most highly endowed cultural award in Germany. Around 2,300 guests, including prominent actors and filmmakers, enjoyed drinks and cocktails from Barracuda Barcatering.